Me at school: honesty fuck white boys i hate them they’re problematic nasty ass-

*cute white boy walks past*



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Gym teacher: “where are your gym shoes”
Me: image

iphone user: *minding his own business*
android user: AHH look what we got here, another Apple Fanboy!
iphone user: im not really a fanboy
android user: let me guess, you just came back from snapchatting steve jobs's grave
iphone user: hey man thats in poor taste
android user: good luck getting your $300 jizz box to do what my Samsung G4TMX can *pulls out very large phone*
iphone user: it's quite large
Android user: you should see the stylus. it's a legit pencil! *tries to grab stylus, drops massive phone, it falls and lands on a chipmunk, breaking its neck*
iphone user: oh my god!
android user: oh my god is right! *picks up samsung* not a scratch on it. now thats some good engineering

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If I consider you a close friend chances are I’m gonna be at least a little gay with you


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Come get ya smash bros

why did you delete my caption then re write my caption i swear to god i will call Nintendo up and get you banned from every smash game ever  and me and Mario will come to your house with a got damn power up hit you with the wombo combo 







Don’t be creepy

Amazingly sexy

Hey penis face can you not comprehend english?

Yo, how that creepy tho? You wearing panties and showing off yo ass, what you want people to say? “Nice phone case, I’ve always wanted one like that”? B/c when you like that you gotta expect to get some sort of reaction posting it, and if non vulgar compliments are creepy then wtf? 

I agree, you are trying to become a cam whore collect money post slut picture but act like a prud. Are you bipolar?

Okay except we’ve had this conversation. I explicitly said don’t be creepy. In my book that’s creepy. “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” same logic applies here. Now hop off my dick you bitter ass fucks.


When a game has “And you.” in the special thanks section of the credits.



"i don’t like one direction. they’re so gay," i say. my fellow single heterosexual bros erupt in applause. i receive 50 Man points and level up to become the Manliest of Men. i’m so original and creative. what a sick burn.


i hate when people say “you’ve barely touched your food” like what do you want me to do stroke it 




how do they even survive in the wild?


You can’t pick and choose what parts of feminism you want. You can’t support your queer sisters but not your trans sisters. You can’t support your fat sisters but not your sisters of colour. Being a feminist means creating a positive and equal space for women. The second you start excluding women based on which characteristics you do or do not find appealing you have defeated the whole point of being a feminist.

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